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What Sets the TM-1 Counter Apart?

The TM-1 counter was designed by pharmacists for pharmacists. During the design and development of the TM-1, our design team met with pharmacists and technicians to formulate a clear vision of what is expected from an automated counting system. Many of the requirements had not yet been delivered by existing automated counters, and so Teller Metrics recognized the opportunity to deliver a counter to the industry that would speak to the true needs without compromise. The resounding expectations were: speed, accuracy, cost, reliability, and ease of use. The industry today is becoming increasingly competitive, so it was imperative that the counter truly aids pharmacies as best possible.  

With a clear set of requirements for the counter, Teller Metrics developed an initial proof of principle system and presented it to a select group of pharmacies for evaluation. Early feedback from customers was very positive and confirmed that the system delivered on customer expectations.   Read Full Article: